phrase (db.phrase)

phrase — A span of text.


phrase (db.phrase) ::= [-]


The phrase element in DocBook has no specific semantic. It is provided as a wrapper around a selection of words smaller than a paragraph so that it is possible to provide an xml:id or other attributes for it.

For example, if you are making note of changes to a document using one of the effectivity attributes, you might use phrase to mark up specific sentences with revisions.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline.


These elements contain phrase: biblioentry, bibliomixed, bibliomset, biblioset, bridgehead, citation, citetitle, contrib, db:inlinestagedir, emphasis (db.emphasis), entry, firstterm (db.firstterm), foreignphrase (db.foreignphrase), glosssee, glossseealso, glossterm (db.glossterm), line, link, literallayout, member, olink, orgdiv, para, phrase (db.phrase), primary, quote (db.quote), remark, secondary, see, seealso, simpara, subtitle, term, termdef, tertiary, textobject, title, titleabbrev.


The following elements occur in phrase: text, abbrev, acronym, alt, anchor, author, biblioref, citation, citebiblioid, citetitle, coref, date, db:inlinestagedir, editor, email, emphasis (db._emphasis), emphasis (db.emphasis), firstterm (db._firstterm), firstterm (db.firstterm), footnote, footnoteref, foreignphrase (db._foreignphrase), foreignphrase (db.foreignphrase), glossterm (db._glossterm), glossterm (db.glossterm), indexterm (db.indexterm.endofrange), indexterm (db.indexterm.singular), indexterm (db.indexterm.startofrange), inlineequation, inlinemediaobject, jobtitle, link, literal, olink, optional, org, orgname, person, personname, phrase (db._phrase), phrase (db.phrase), productname, productnumber, quote (db._quote), quote (db.quote), remark, subscript, superscript, termdef, trademark, uri, wordasword, xref.


<para xmlns=''>Effectivity attributes can
be used to keep track of modifications to a document
<phrase revisionflag="deleted">at the word or sentence level</phrase>
<phrase revisionflag="added"> as long as the number and complexity of changes
is not too high</phrase>.

Effectivity attributes can be used to keep track of modifications to a document at the word or sentence level as long as the number and complexity of changes is not too high.

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