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$Date: 2002-06-12 07:19:37 -0400 (Wed, 12 Jun 2002) $

refsect2info — Meta-information for a RefSect2


Content Model

refsect2info ::=


Common attributes


Like the other “info” elements, RefSect2Info contains meta-information about the section of the document in which it occurs.

Processing expectations

Suppressed. Many of the elements in this wrapper may be used in presentation, but they are not generally printed as part of the formatting of the wrapper. The wrapper merely serves to identify where they occur.

Future Changes

AuthorBlurb and Affiliation will be removed from the inline content of RefSect2Info in DocBook V4.0. A new wrapper element will be created to associate this information with authors, editors, and other contributors.


These elements contain refsect2info: refsect2.


See RefSect1Info in RefEntry for an analogous example.