areaspec — A collection of regions in a graphic or code example.


areaspec ::=


Common linking attributes.


  • Exactly one of:
    • units (enumeration)
      • “calspair”
      • “linecolumn”
      • “linecolumnpair”
      • “linerange”
    • Each of:
      • units (enumeration)
        • “other”
      • otherunits (NMTOKEN)

Required attributes are shown in bold.


An areaspec holds a collection of regions and/or region sets in a graphic, program listing, or screen that are associated with callout descriptions. See area for a description of the attributes.

Processing expectations

Suppressed. This element provides data for processing but it is not expected to be rendered directly.


Common linking attributes.

any attribute

Any attribute in any other explicit namespace


Identifies the units used in the coords attribute when the units attribute is other . This attribute is forbidden otherwise.


Identifies the units used in the coords attribute. The default units vary according to the type of callout specified: calspair for graphics and linecolumn for line-oriented elements.

Enumerated values:

Coordinates expressed as a pair of CALS graphic coordinates.


Coordinates expressed as a line and column.


Coordinates expressed as a pair of lines and columns.


Coordinates expressed as a line range.


These elements contain areaspec: imageobjectco, programlistingco, screenco.


The following elements occur in areaspec: area (db.area), areaset.

See Also

Related elements: calloutlist, co, coref, imageobjectco, programlistingco, screenco.