group (

group — A group of elements in a cmdsynopsis.


group ( ::=


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

Additional attributes:

  • choice (enumeration) [default=“opt”]
    • “opt”
    • “plain”
    • “req”
  • rep (enumeration) [default=“norepeat”]
    • “norepeat”
    • “repeat”


A group surrounds several related items. Usually, they are grouped because they are mutually exclusive. The user is expected to select one of the items.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline. The additional processing expectations of a group are significant. For a complete discussion, see cmdsynopsis.

  • Multiple arguments within a group are considered exclusive and are separated by vertical bars.

  • Brackets are used to distinguish between optional, required, or plain arguments. Usually square brackets are placed around optional arguments, [-f | -g], and curly brackets are placed around required arguments, {-f | -g}. Plain arguments are required, but are not decorated with brackets.

  • Repeatable arguments are followed by an ellipsis.


Common attributes and common linking attributes.


Indicates optionality.

Enumerated values:

Formatted to indicate that it is optional.


Formatted without indication.


Formatted to indicate that it is required.


Indicates whether or not repetition is possible.

Enumerated values:

Can not be repeated.


Can be repeated.


These elements contain group: arg, cmdsynopsis, group (, synopfragment.


The following elements occur in group: arg, group (, option, replaceable, sbr, synopfragmentref.


<article xmlns=''>
<title>Example group in cmdsynopsis</title>

  <arg>-r <replaceable>revision</replaceable></arg>
      <arg choice="plain">-h</arg>
      <arg choice="plain">-l</arg>
      <arg choice="plain">-p</arg>
  <group choice="req">
    <arg choice="plain">URL</arg>
    <arg choice="plain">filename</arg>
  <arg rep="repeat">parameters</arg>

mycmd [[-r revision] [ -h | -l | -p ]] { URL | filename } [parameters...]
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