refnamediv — The name, purpose, and classification of a reference page.


refnamediv ::=


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

No additional attributes.


A refnamediv is the first mandatory section in a refentry. It is a peer to refsynopsisdiv and refsect1.

The elements in refnamediv identify the topic of the reference page (refdescriptor or refname), provide a concise summary (refpurpose), and classify the page (refclass).

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block. A refnamediv usually generates a section heading, in the same typographic style as a refsect1 title, called Name.

The content of this section is traditionally the refdescriptor or refname, and the refpurpose, separated by an em dash.

The refclass may be presented, or it may be suppressed and used only to select a group of reference pages to process. You might use the value of refclass to print all the reference pages appropriate to Solaris UNIX, for example.

Formatting reference pages may require a fairly sophisticated processing system. Much of the meta-information about a reference page (its name, type, purpose, title, and classification) is stored in wrappers near the beginning of the refentry.

Common presentational features, such as titles and running headers, may require data from several of these wrappers plus some generated text. Other formatting often requires that these elements be reordered.


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

any attribute

Any attribute in any other explicit namespace


These elements contain refnamediv: refentry.


The following elements occur in refnamediv: refclass, refdescriptor, refname, refpurpose.

See Also

Related elements: refsect1, refsect2, refsect3, refsection, refsynopsisdiv.


See reference and refentry for examples that use this element.