DocBook Publishers: The Definitive Guide  (Version 1.2.1 for DocBook 5.1)


tgroup — A wrapper for the main content of a table, or part of a table.


tgroup ::=


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

Additional attributes:

  • align (enumeration)
    • “center”
    • “char”
    • “justify”
    • “left”
    • “right”
  • char
  • charoff (decimal)
  • cols (positiveInteger)
  • colsep (enumeration)
    • “0”
    • “1”
  • rowsep (enumeration)
    • “0”
    • “1”
  • tgroupstyle

Required attributes are shown in bold.


A tgroup surrounds a logically complete portion of a table. Most tables consist of a single tgroup, but complex tables with widely varying column specifications may be easier to code using multiple tgroups.

The tgroup specifies the number of columns in the table, and contains all of the header, body, and footer rows, along with any additional column or span specifications necessary to express the geometry of the table.

Most of the properties of rows, columns, and cells inherit their default characteristics from the enclosing tgroup.

Processing expectations

This element is expected to obey the semantics of the CALS Table Model Document Type Definition [calsdtd].


Common attributes and common linking attributes.


Specifies the horizontal alignment of text in an entry.

Enumerated values:



Aligned on a particular character.


Left and right justified.


Left justified.


Right justified.


Specifies the alignment character when align is set to “char” .


Specifies the percentage of the column's total width that should appear to the left of the first occurance of the character identified in char when align is set to “char” .


The number of columns in the table. Must be an integer greater than zero.


Specifies the presence or absence of the column separator

Enumerated values:

No column separator rule.


Provide a column separator rule on the right


Specifies the presence or absence of the row separator

Enumerated values:

No row separator rule.


Provide a row separator rule below


Additional style information for downstream processing; typically the name of a style.


These elements contain tgroup: informaltable, table.


The following elements occur in tgroup: colspec, spanspec, tbody (db.cals.tbody), tfoot, thead (db.cals.thead).