userinput — Data entered by the user.


The userinput element identifies words or phrases that the user is expected to provide as input to a computer program.

Note that userinput is not a verbatim environment, but an inline.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline. Often presented in a fixed-width font.


These elements contain userinput: caption (db.html.caption), citetitle, computeroutput, emphasis, entry, link, literallayout, para, phrase (db.phrase), programlisting, quote, subtitle, td, term, th, title, titleabbrev, userinput.


1 |<article xmlns=''>
  |<title>Example userinput</title>
  |<para>At the system prompt, enter <userinput>xyzzy</userinput> to gain
5 |supervisor access to the system.

At the system prompt, enter xyzzy to gain supervisor access to the system.