DocBook Slides: The Definitive Guide  (Version 0.9.1 for DocBook Slides 5.1)


revhistory — A history of the revisions to a document.


revhistory ::=


A revhistory is a structure for documenting a history of changes, specifically, a history of changes to the document or section in which it occurs.

DocBook does not mandate an order for revisions: ascending order by date, descending order by date, and orders based on some other criteria are all equally acceptable.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block. A tabular or list presentation is most common.

The order of revisions within a revhistory (e.g., ascending or descending date order) is not mandated by DocBook.


These elements contain revhistory: bibliodiv, bibliography, bibliomixed, bibliomset, blockquote, caption (db.caption), entry, example, figure, foil, foilgroup, footnote, info (, info (, info (, info (, info (, itemizedlist, legalnotice, listitem, note, orderedlist, para, revdescription, section, sidebar, slides, speakernotes, td, textobject, th, variablelist.


The following elements occur in revhistory: info (, info (, revision, title, titleabbrev.


<article xmlns=''>
<title>Example revhistory</title>


  <revremark>Bug fixes</revremark>

  <revremark>First beta release</revremark>


Revision History
0.9111 Dec 1996ndwBug fixes
0.9030 Nov 1996ndwFirst beta release