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bibliomixed — An entry in a Bibliography


Mixed Content Model

bibliomixed ::=


Common attributes


BiblioMixed is an entry in a Bibliography. The contents of BiblioMixed includes all necessary punctuation for formatting. Presentation systems usually display all of the elements in a BiblioMixed.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block.

BiblioMixed entries are “cooked.” In addition to named fields, they can contain interspersed #PCDATA to provide punctuation and other formatting information.

The processing system is generally expected to present each and every element in the entry, and all interspersed #PCDATA, in the order in which it occurs.

Future Changes

AuthorBlurb and Affiliation will be removed from the inline content of BiblioEntry in DocBook V4.0. A new wrapper element will be created to associate this information with authors, editors, and other contributors.

Future Changes

BiblioSet will be removed from the content model of BiblioMixed. Allowing a “raw” container inside a “cooked” one confuses processing expectations.


These elements contain bibliomixed: bibliodiv, bibliography, bibliolist.

See Also

biblioentry, bibliomisc, bibliomset, biblioset.


For examples, see bibliography, bibliomset.