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bookinfo — Meta-information for a Book


Content Model

bookinfo ::=


Common attributes






Meta-information for a Book.

Processing expectations

Suppressed. Many of the elements in this wrapper may be used in presentation, but they are not generally printed as part of the formatting of the wrapper. It merely serves to identify where they occur.

Future Changes

AuthorBlurb and Affiliation will be removed from the inline content of BookInfo in DocBook V4.0. A new wrapper element will be created to associate this information with authors, editors, and other contributors.

BookBiblio will be discarded.

Future Changes

The contents attribute will be removed.


These elements contain bookinfo: book.



Contents, if specified, should contain a list of all the IDs of the chapter-level subelements of the Book, in their natural order.

See Also

appendixinfo, articleinfo, bibliographyinfo, blockinfo, chapterinfo, glossaryinfo, indexinfo, objectinfo, prefaceinfo, refsynopsisdivinfo, screeninfo, sect1info, sect2info, sect3info, sect4info, sect5info, sectioninfo, setinfo.


<!DOCTYPE bookinfo PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
  <title>User's Guide for the DocBook DTD</title>
      <affiliation><orgname>Arbortext, Inc.</orgname></affiliation>
      <affiliation><orgname>Arbortext, Inc.</orgname></affiliation>
  <edition>User's Guide version 1.0 for DocBook V3.0</edition>
<holder>Arbortext, Inc.</holder>
<holder>HaL Computer Systems, Inc.</holder>
<holder>Fujitsu Software Corp.</holder>
<holder>O'Reilly &amp; Associates, Inc.</holder>

<para>Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute
the DocBook DTD and its accompanying documentation for any purpose and
without fee is hereby granted in perpetuity, provided that the above
copyright notice and this paragraph appear in all copies.</para>

<para>The copyright holders make no representation about the suitability of
this DTD for any purpose. It is provided
<quote>as is</quote> without expressed
or implied warranty.  If you modify the DocBook DTD in any way, except for
declaring and referencing additional general entities and declaring additional
notations, identify your DTD as a variant of DocBook.</para>


For additional examples, see also book, collab.