keywordset — A set of keywords describing the content of a document.



A set of keywords, provided by the author, editor, publisher, and so on, can be stored in the document meta-information in a keywordset.

Keywords can form an important part of an automated indexing or searching strategy for a collection of documents.

Processing expectations

May be formatted inline or as a displayed block, depending on context. Keywords are rarely displayed to a reader. Usually, they are reserved for searching and retrieval purposes.

Unlike subjectterms, which should be drawn from a controlled vocabulary, keywords may be chosen freely.

Although more than one keywordset may appear in the meta-information for a document, neither a relationship nor a specific facility for constructing a relationship is defined by DocBook.

Additionally, no relationship is defined between the keywordsets of a document component and the keywordsets of its parents or children.


These elements contain keywordset: biblioentry, bibliomixed, bibliomset, biblioset, info (, info (, info (, info (, info (


The following elements occur in keywordset: keyword.


  1 <article xmlns=''>
  2 <title>Example keywordset</title>
  4   <keywordset>
  6     <keyword>standard</keyword>
  8   </keywordset>
 10 <para>...</para>
 12 </article>
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