screenco — A screen with associated areas used in callouts.



The callouts, such as numbered bullets, are an annotation mechanism. In an online system, these bullets are frequently “hot,” and clicking on them navigates to the corresponding annotation.

A screenco is a wrapper around an areaspec and a screen. An areaspec identifies the locations (coordinates) in the screen where the callouts occur. The screenco may also contain the list of annotations in a calloutlist, although the calloutlist may also occur outside of the wrapper, elsewhere in the document.

It is also possible to embed co elements directly in the verbatim text, in order to avoid the overhead of calculating the correct coordinates. If you decide to follow this route, use a screen and a calloutlist without the screenco wrapper. A screenco must specify at least one coordinate.

For a complete description of callouts, see callout.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block. This element is displayed “verbatim”; whitespace and line breaks within this element are significant.

The mandatory processing expectations of a screenco are minimal: a system is expected to render the program listing and the callout list, if present.

If explicit co elements are embedded in a screen, they must generate appropriate callout marks.

In online environments, the processing system may be able to instantiate the linking relationships between the callout marks in the program listing and the annotations. Some systems may even be able to go a step further and generate the callout marks automatically from the coordinate information, but this level of sophistication is not mandatory.

Parents [+]

This element occurs in 73 elements.


The following elements occur in screenco: areaspec, calloutlist, info (, screen.


  1 <article xmlns=''>
  2 <title>Example screenco</title>
  4 <screenco>
  6 <area xml:id="dos" coords='5'/>
    <area xml:id="autoexec.bat" coords='10'/>
  8 <area xml:id="" coords='11'/>
    <area xml:id="config.sys" coords='12'/>
 10 <area xml:id="wina20.386" coords='14'/>
 12 <screen> Volume in drive C is SYSTEM         Serial number is 2350:717C
     Directory of  C:\
    10/17/97   9:04         &lt;DIR>    bin
 16 10/16/97  14:11         &lt;DIR>    DOS
    10/16/97  14:40         &lt;DIR>    Program Files
 18 10/16/97  14:46         &lt;DIR>    TEMP
    10/17/97   9:04         &lt;DIR>    tmp
 20 10/16/97  14:37         &lt;DIR>    WINNT
    10/16/97  14:25             119  AUTOEXEC.BAT
 22  2/13/94   6:21          54,619  COMMAND.COM
    10/16/97  14:25             115  CONFIG.SYS
 24 11/16/97  17:17      61,865,984  pagefile.sys
     2/13/94   6:21           9,349  WINA20.386</screen>
 26 <calloutlist>
    <callout arearefs="dos">
 28 <para>This directory holds <trademark>MS-DOS</trademark>, the
    operating system that was installed before <trademark>Windows
 30 NT</trademark>.
 32 </callout>
 34 <callout arearefs="autoexec.bat config.sys">
    <para>System startup code for DOS.
 36 </para>
    <callout arearefs="wina20.386">
 40 <para>Some sort of <trademark>Windows 3.1</trademark> hack for some 386 processors,
    as I recall.
 42 </para>
 44 </calloutlist>
  1  Volume in drive C is SYSTEM         Serial number is 2350:717C
  2  Directory of  C:\
  4 10/17/97   9:04         <DIR>    bin
    10/16/97  14:11         <DIR>    DOS
  6 10/16/97  14:40         <DIR>    Program Files
    10/16/97  14:46         <DIR>    TEMP
  8 10/17/97   9:04         <DIR>    tmp
    10/16/97  14:37         <DIR>    WINNT
 10 10/16/97  14:25             119  AUTOEXEC.BAT
     2/13/94   6:21          54,619  COMMAND.COM
 12 10/16/97  14:25             115  CONFIG.SYS
    11/16/97  17:17      61,865,984  pagefile.sys
 14  2/13/94   6:21           9,349  WINA20.386


This directory holds MS-DOS™, the operating system that was installed before Windows NT™.


System startup code for DOS.


Some sort of Windows 3.1™ hack for some 386 processors, as I recall.


Compare this example with the example for co.

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