thead (db.cals.thead)

thead — A table header consisting of one or more rows.


thead (db.cals.thead) ::=

  • Sequence of:
    • Zero or more of:
    • One or more of:


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

Additional attributes:

  • valign (enumeration)
    • “bottom”
    • “middle”
    • “top”


The thead wrapper identifies the rows of a table that form the head of the table, as distinct from the body (tbody) and foot (tfoot) rows.

Header rows are always rendered at the beginning of the table.

Processing expectations

This element is expected to obey the semantics of the CALS Table Model Document Type Definition [calsdtd]. Header rows are often presented in an alternate typographic style, such as boldface.

In paged media, if a table spans across multiple pages, header rows are printed at the top of each new page.


Common attributes and common linking attributes.


Specifies the vertical alignment of text in an entry.

Enumerated values:

Aligned on the bottom of the entry.


Aligned in the middle.


Aligned at the top of the entry.


These elements contain thead: tgroup.


The following elements occur in thead: colspec, row (db.row).

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