V5.1 Assemblymerge

merge — A wrapper for information that a module overrides in the resource it includes.


merge ::=


Common attributes.

Additional attributes:

  • resourceref (IDREF)


The merge element has the same content model as info. When used in a module, the merge element indicates elements in the meta-information of the included resource that should be replaced with the content of the merge element.

This can be used, for example, to merge the title of an included resource, or the pubdate or any other meta-information.

Processing expectations

The content of merge is not rendered directly. Each element in the merge replaces all elements of the same name in the meta-information of the included resource. They are rendered from that info wrapper in the normal way.


Common attributes.

any attribute

Any attribute in any other explicit namespace


Indicates a single resource from which to read merged info


These elements contain merge: module, structure.


The following elements occur in merge: *:*, abstract, address, annotation, artpagenums, author, authorgroup, authorinitials, bibliocoverage, biblioid, bibliomisc, bibliomset, bibliorelation, biblioset, bibliosource, collab, confgroup, contractnum, contractsponsor, copyright, cover, date, edition, editor, extendedlink, issuenum, itermset, keywordset, legalnotice, mediaobject, meta (db.meta.content), meta (db.meta.empty), org, orgname, othercredit, pagenums, printhistory, productname, productnumber, pubdate, publisher, publishername, releaseinfo, revhistory, seriesvolnums, subjectset, subtitle, title, titleabbrev, volumenum.