IIDocBook Assembly Element Reference

Table of Contents
  • assembly — Defines the hierarchy and relationships for a collection of resourcesV5.1 Assembly
  • association — Identifies the type of relationship between one or more resourcesV5.1 Assembly
  • description — A description of a resource or resourcesV5.1 Assembly
  • filterin — Elements with effectivity attributes matching this element are allowedV5.1 Assembly
  • filterout — Elements with effectivity attributes matching this element are suppressedV5.1 Assembly
  • instance — Identifies a resource that is part of a relationshipV5.1 Assembly
  • merge — A wrapper for information that a module overrides in the resource it includesV5.1 Assembly
  • module — A modular component within a structureV5.1 Assembly
  • output — Specify an output format and/or file name and/or renderasV5.1 Assembly
  • relationship — A relationship associates one or more resourcesV5.1 Assembly
  • relationships — Groups relationship elements to define associations between resourcesV5.1 Assembly
  • resource — Identifies an object managed within the assemblyV5.1 Assembly
  • resources — Contains one or more resource objects that are managed by the assemblyV5.1 Assembly
  • structure — Describes the structure of a documentV5.1 Assembly
  • transform — Identifies a transform for converting from a non-DocBook schemaV5.1 Assembly
  • transforms — List of transforms for converting from non-DocBook schemasV5.1 Assembly