V5.1 Assemblyoutput

output — Specify an output format and/or file name and/or renderas.


output ::=

  • empty


Common attributes.

Additional attributes:

  • chunk (enumeration) [default=“auto”]
    • “true”
    • “false”
    • “auto”
  • file (anyURI)
  • renderas (QName)
  • suppress (boolean)
  • transform (NMTOKEN)


The output element specifies a set of options to be used when rendering the module or structure in which it occurs. Multiple output elements can be specified and, if effectivity attributes and profiling are used, options can be selectively turned on and off for different renderings.

The grammar attribute on output was mistakenly included in DocBook version 5.1, and will be removed in version 5.2. The grammar attribute appears on a resource element to specify its vocabulary if it is not DocBook, and on a transform element to specify a transformation to convert resources with that grammar to DocBook during assembly.

Processing expectations

Never rendered.


Common attributes.

any attribute

Any attribute in any other explicit namespace


Specifies chunking for this module

Enumerated values:

This module will be in a chunk


This module will not be in a chunk


Chunking of this module depends on the overall chunking algorithm


Specifies the output file for this module or structure


Specifies the DocBook element to which this unit should be renamed


Indicates whether or not this unit should be suppressed


Specifies the transformation that should be applied to this unit


These elements contain output: module, structure.


This example has two output elements, each with a different value for the outputformat effectivity attribute. During assembly, profiling should be used to select one of them.

  |<module resourceref="topic1">
  |  <output renderas="section" outputformat="print"/>
  |  <output renderas="topic" outputformat="help"/>

In this example, only the content of topic2, without its root element or titles, is inserted at the end of the topic1 section as more content in the same section.

1 |<module resourceref="topic1" renderas="section">
  |  <module resourceref="topic2">
  |    <output contentonly="true" omittitles="true"/>
  |  </module>
5 |</module>