bibliography — A bibliography.


bibliography ::=


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

Additional attributes:

  • label
  • status


A bibliography. A DocBook bibliography may contain some introductory information, but its main content is a set of bibliography entries (bibliomixed elements in Simplified DocBook). These may occur directly inside the bibliography element or inside bibliodiv elements.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block.

Some systems may display only those entries within a bibliography that are cited in the containing document. This may be an interchange issue. See Appendix C, Interchanging DocBook Documents.


Common attributes and common linking attributes.


Specifies an identifying string for presentation purposes


Identifies the editorial or publication status of the element on which it occurs


These elements contain bibliography: appendix, article, section.


The following elements occur in bibliography: bibliodiv, bibliomixed, blockquote, epigraph, example, figure, info (, info (, informaltable (db.cals.informaltable), informaltable (db.html.informaltable), itemizedlist, literallayout, mediaobject, note, orderedlist, para, programlisting, revhistory, sidebar, subtitle, table (db.cals.table), table (db.html.table), title, titleabbrev, variablelist.


Simplified DocBook supports only the “cooked” form of bibliography entry where additional text is included so that it is easy to render.

 1 |<bibliography xmlns=''>
 5 |  <bibliomset relation='article'>Walsh, Norman.
   |    <title role='article'>Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets</title>.
   |  </bibliomset>
   |  <bibliomset relation='journal'>
   |    <title>The World Wide Web Journal</title> 
10 |    <volumenum>2</volumenum><issuenum>1</issuenum>.
   |    <publishername>O'Reilly &amp; Associates, Inc.</publishername> and
   |    The World Wide Web Consortium. Winter, 1996</bibliomset>.
15 |</bibliography>