DocBook Slides: The Definitive Guide  (Version 0.9.1 for DocBook Slides 5.1)


lineannotation — A comment on a line in a verbatim listing.


lineannotation ::= [-]


A lineannotation is an author’s or editor’s comment on a line in one of the verbatim environments. These are annotations added by the documentor; they are not part of the original listing.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline. In verbatim environments like programlisting, which are often presented in a fixed-width font, they may get special typographic treatment, such as italics.

If several lineannotations occur in the same listing, they may be aligned horizontally.


These elements contain lineannotation: literallayout, programlisting.


The following elements occur in lineannotation: text, inlinemediaobject, phrase (db._phrase), replaceable, subscript, superscript.


<article xmlns=''>
<title>Example lineannotation</title>

&lt;entry>  <lineannotation>Error: No line break before block element</lineannotation>
A paragraph of text.


<entry>  Error: No line break before block element
A paragraph of text.