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lineannotation — A comment on a line in a verbatim listing


Mixed Content Model

lineannotation ::=


Common attributes


A LineAnnotation is an author or editor's comment on a line in one of the verbatim environments. These are annotations added by the documentor, not part of the original listing.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline. In verbatim environments like ProgramListing, which are often presented in a fixed width font, they may get special typographic treatment, such as italics.

If several LineAnnotations occur in the same listing, they may be aligned horizontally.

Future Changes

The InterfaceDefinition element will be discarded in DocBook V4.0. It will no longer be available in the content model of this element.


These elements contain lineannotation: classsynopsisinfo, funcsynopsisinfo, literallayout, programlisting, rhs, screen, synopsis.

See Also

computeroutput, literallayout, programlisting, screen, screenshot, synopsis, userinput.


The following example, from the description of Entry, shows how LineAnnotation can be used to annotate a Screen listing:

<!DOCTYPE screen PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
&lt;entry>                <lineannotation>Error, cannot have a line break before a block element</lineannotation>
A paragraph of text.
<entry>                Error, cannot have a line break before a block element
A paragraph of text.

For additional examples, see also productionset.