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segtitle — The title of an element of a list item in a segmented list


Mixed Content Model

segtitle ::=


Common attributes


Each heading in a SegmentedList is contained in its own SegTitle.

The relationship between SegTitles and Segs is implicit in the document; the first SegTitle goes with the first Seg in each SegListItem, the second SegTitle goes with the second Seg, and so on.

Processing expectations

Segmented lists can be formatted in a number of ways. Two popular formats are tabular and as list of repeated headings and elements. In a tabular presentation, each SegTitle is a column heading. In the list presentation, each SegTitle is repeated before the corresponding Seg.

Future Changes

The InterfaceDefinition element will be discarded in DocBook V4.0. It will no longer be available in the content model of this element.


These elements contain segtitle: segmentedlist.


For examples, see segmentedlist.