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subscript — A subscript (as in H2O, the molecular formula for water)


Mixed Content Model

subscript ::=


Common attributes


Subscript identifies text that is to be displayed as a subscript when rendered.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline. Subscripts are usually printed in a smaller font and shifted down with respect to the baseline.


These elements contain subscript: abbrev, ackno, acronym, action, application, artpagenums, attribution, authorinitials, bibliocoverage, biblioid, bibliomisc, bibliorelation, bibliosource, bridgehead, citation, citebiblioid, citetitle, city, classsynopsisinfo, code, collabname, command, computeroutput, confdates, confnum, confsponsor, conftitle, contractnum, contractsponsor, contrib, corpauthor, corpcredit, corpname, country, database, date, edition, email, emphasis, entry, fax, filename, firstname, firstterm, foreignphrase, funcparams, funcsynopsisinfo, function, glosssee, glossseealso, glossterm, guibutton, guiicon, guilabel, guimenu, guimenuitem, guisubmenu, hardware, holder, honorific, interfacename, invpartnumber, isbn, issn, issuenum, jobtitle, keycap, label, lineage, lineannotation, link, literal, literallayout, lotentry, manvolnum, mathphrase, member, modespec, msgaud, olink, option, optional, orgdiv, orgname, otheraddr, othername, pagenums, para, parameter, phone, phrase, pob, postcode, primary, primaryie, productname, productnumber, programlisting, property, pubdate, publishername, pubsnumber, quote, refentrytitle, refmiscinfo, refpurpose, releaseinfo, remark, replaceable, revnumber, revremark, screen, screeninfo, secondary, secondaryie, see, seealso, seealsoie, seeie, seg, segtitle, seriesvolnums, shortaffil, simpara, state, street, subscript, subtitle, superscript, surname, synopsis, systemitem, td, term, termdef, tertiary, tertiaryie, th, title, titleabbrev, tocback, tocentry, tocfront, trademark, ulink, userinput, volumenum, wordasword, year.


The following elements occur in subscript: anchor, emphasis, inlinegraphic, inlinemediaobject, link, olink, remark, replaceable, subscript, superscript, symbol, ulink.

See Also

equation, informalequation, inlineequation, superscript.


<!DOCTYPE para PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
Thirsty?  Have some H<subscript>2</subscript>O.

Thirsty? Have some H2O.