menuchoice — A selection or series of selections from a menu.


In applications that present graphical user interfaces, it is often necessary to select an item, or a series of items, from a menu in order to accomplish some action. The menuchoice element provides a wrapper to contain the complete combination of selections.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline.

A menuchoice may generate arrows or other punctuation between multiple GUI elements. The shortcut may be suppressed, or sometimes it is presented in parentheses after the rest of the items.

Parents [+]

This element occurs in 50 elements.


The following elements occur in menuchoice: guibutton, guiicon, guilabel, guimenu, guimenuitem, guisubmenu, shortcut.


  1 <article xmlns=''>
  2 <title>Example menuchoice</title>
  4 <para>You can exit from GNU Emacs with 
  6   <shortcut>
  8   </shortcut>
 10   <guimenuitem>Exit Emacs</guimenuitem>
 12 </para>
 14 </article>

You can exit from GNU Emacs with


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