citation — An inline bibliographic reference to another published work.



The content of a citation is assumed to be a reference string, perhaps identical to an abbreviation in an entry in a bibliography.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline.

Parents [+]

This element occurs in 51 elements.

Children [+]

This element contains 100 elements.


  1 <article xmlns='' version='5.0'>
  2 <title>Example citation</title>
  4 <para>Consult <citation>AhoSethiUllman96</citation> for more details on
    abstract syntax tree construction.
  6 </para>
  8 <para>…</para>
 10 <bibliolist>
 14   <abbrev>AhoSethiUllman96</abbrev>
 16     <author><personname>
          <firstname>Alfred V.</firstname><surname>Aho</surname>
 18     </personname></author>
 20       <firstname>Ravi</firstname><surname>Sethi</surname>
 22     <author><personname>
          <firstname>Jeffrey D.</firstname><surname>Ullman</surname>
 24     </personname></author>
 26   <copyright><year>1996</year>
                 <holder>Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.</holder></copyright>
 28   <editor>
 30       <firstname>James T.</firstname><surname>DeWolf</surname>
 32   </editor>
      <biblioid class="isbn">0-201-10088-6</biblioid>
 34   <publisher>
        <publishername>Addison-Wesley Publishing Company</publishername>
 36   </publisher>
      <citetitle>Compilers, Principles, Techniques, and Tools</citetitle>
 38 </biblioentry>

Consult [AhoSethiUllman96] for more details on abstract syntax tree construction.


[AhoSethiUllman96] Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi, and Jeffrey D. Ullman. Copyright © 1996 Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. James T. DeWolf. 0-201-10088-6. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. Compilers, Principles, Techniques, and Tools.

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