wordasword — A word meant specifically as a word and not representing anything else.



A lot of technical documentation contains words that have overloaded meanings. Sometimes it is useful to be able to use a word without invoking its technical meaning. The wordasword element identifies a word or phrase that might otherwise be interpreted in some specific way, and asserts that it should be interpreted simply as a word.

It is unlikely that the presentation of this element will be able to help readers understand the variation in meaning; good writing will have to achieve that goal. The real value of wordasword lies in the fact that full-text searching and indexing tools can use it to avoid false positives.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline.

Parents [+]

This element occurs in 54 elements.

Children [+]

This element contains 16 elements.


  1 <article xmlns='http://docbook.org/ns/docbook'>
  2 <title>Example wordasword</title>
  4 <para>A <wordasword>Term</wordasword> in Algebra has a very different
    meaning than a <tag>term</tag> in DocBook.
  6 </para>
  8 </article>

A Term in Algebra has a very different meaning than a term in DocBook.

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