DocBook 5.1: The Definitive Guide  (Version 1.5.3 for DocBook 5.1)

V5.1 Assemblyassociation

association — Identifies the type of relationship between one or more resources.


association ::=

  • text


An assembly can assert that a relationship exists between two or more resources. The nature of that relationship is described by the association.

Processing expectations

The association is often used as a title for a list of links generated from the relationship.


These elements contain association: relationship.


<relationships xmlns="" version="5.1">
  <relationship type="collection">
    <!-- This is a collection that might be presented as list of links or
         references to pages.  Applies across any documents that include the
         modules. -->
    <association>Advanced User Topics</association>
    <instance linkend="xidi.parameters.syntax"/>
    <instance linkend=""/>