Preface to the DocBook V5.2 Edition

This edition of DocBook 5: The Definitive Guide describes the DocBook V5.2 schema, currently version 5.2.11.

The current O'Reilly edition covers DocBook V5.0, the OASIS Standard.

Summary of Changes in DocBook V5.2

Backwards incompatible changes planned for DocBook V6.0

The following backwards incompatible changes are planned for DocBook V6.0:

  1. The linking elements will be removed from the content model of biblioid.

  2. The common linking attributes will be removed from indexterm.

  3. The xml:id attribute will be made required on startofrange indexterms.

  4. A Schematron constraint will be added to assert that for every startofrange indexterm there is exactly one endofrange indexterm that points to it.

  5. The language attribute will be removed from address; use xml:lang instead.

  6. The arc and locator elements will be dropped; instead link will be allowed in extendedlink.