sect5 — A subsection within a sect4.


sect5 ::=


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

Additional attributes:

  • At most one of:
    • class (enumeration)
      • “legal”
    • All or none of:
      • class (enumeration)
        • “other”
      • otherclass (NMTOKEN)
  • label
  • status

Additional Constraints

  • If this element is the root element, it must have a version attribute.


A sect5 is a fifth-level section in a document. This is the lowest-level numbered sectioning element. There is no sect6.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block. Sometimes sections are numbered.


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

any attribute

Any attribute in any other explicit namespace


Identifies the nature of the section


Specifies an identifying string for presentation purposes


Identifies a non-standard section class


Identifies the editorial or publication status of the element on which it occurs


These elements contain sect5: sect4.


The following elements occur in sect5: address, anchor, annotation, bibliography, bibliolist, blockquote, bridgehead, calloutlist, caution, classsynopsis, cmdsynopsis, constraintdef, constructorsynopsis, danger, destructorsynopsis, enumsynopsis, epigraph, equation, example, fieldsynopsis, figure, formalgroup, formalpara, funcsynopsis, glossary, glosslist, important, index, indexterm (db.indexterm.endofrange), indexterm (db.indexterm.singular), indexterm (db.indexterm.startofrange), info (, info (, informalequation, informalexample, informalfigure, informaltable (db.cals.informaltable), informaltable (db.html.informaltable), itemizedlist, literallayout, macrosynopsis, mediaobject, methodsynopsis, msgset, note, orderedlist, packagesynopsis, para, procedure, productionset, programlisting, programlistingco, qandaset, refentry, remark, revhistory, screen, screenco, screenshot, segmentedlist, sidebar, simpara, simplelist, simplesect, subtitle, synopsis, table (db.cals.table), table (db.html.table), task, tip, title, titleabbrev, toc, typedefsynopsis, unionsynopsis, variablelist, warning.

See Also

Related elements: bridgehead, sect1, sect2, sect3, sect4, section, simplesect.