orgdiv — A division of an organization.


orgdiv ::=


An orgdiv identifies a division in an organization, such as Chevrolet in General Motors.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline. Sometimes suppressed.


Common linking attributes.

any attribute

Any attribute in any other explicit namespace


These elements contain orgdiv: affiliation, author, editor, org, othercredit.


The following elements occur in orgdiv: text, abbrev, acronym, alt, anchor, author, biblioref, citation, citebiblioid, citetitle, coref, date, editor, email, emphasis (db._emphasis), emphasis (db.emphasis), firstterm (db._firstterm), firstterm (db.firstterm), footnote, footnoteref, foreignphrase (db._foreignphrase), foreignphrase (db.foreignphrase), glossterm (db._glossterm), glossterm (db.glossterm), indexterm (db.indexterm.endofrange), indexterm (db.indexterm.singular), indexterm (db.indexterm.startofrange), inlineequation, inlinemediaobject, inlinestagedir, jobtitle, link, literal, olink, optional, org, orgname, person, personname, phrase (db._phrase), phrase (db.phrase), productname, productnumber, quote (db._quote), quote (db.quote), remark, revnumber, subscript, superscript, templatename, termdef, trademark, uri, wordasword, xref.

See Also

Related elements: affiliation, jobtitle, orgname, shortaffil.