phrase (db._phrase)

phrase — A limited span of text.


phrase (db._phrase) ::=


Common attributes and common linking attributes.


This variant of phrase is used in places where the content model is restricted to only the “ubiquitous” inlines.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline.


These elements contain phrase: abbrev, acronym, attribution, authorinitials, bibliomisc, bibliomixed, bibliomset, command, edition, email, filename, firstname, givenname, holder, honorific, issuenum, lineage, lineannotation, literal, option, orgname, othername, personname, phrase (db._phrase), publishername, releaseinfo, replaceable, revnumber, revremark, subscript, superscript, surname, systemitem, trademark, volumenum, year.


The following elements occur in phrase: text, inlinemediaobject, phrase (db._phrase), replaceable, subscript, superscript.

See Also

Related elements: abbrev, acronym, emphasis, phrase (db.phrase), quote.