option — An option for a software command.


option ::=


Common attributes and common linking attributes.


An option identifies an argument to a software command or instruction. Options may or may not be required.

Processing expectations

Formatted inline.

DocBook does not specify whether or not a symbol (such as - or /) is generated before the content of option, or what that symbol might be. Generating the text may or may not be desirable, but in either case, it is an interchange issue. See Appendix C, Interchanging DocBook Documents.


These elements contain option: caption (db.html.caption), citetitle, computeroutput, emphasis, entry, html:button, html:label, html:legend, link (db.link), literallayout, para, phrase (db.phrase), programlisting, quote, rddl:resource, subtitle, summary, td, term, th, title, titleabbrev, userinput.


The following elements occur in option: text, inlinemediaobject, phrase (db._phrase), replaceable, subscript, superscript.

See Also

Related elements: computeroutput, literal, replaceable, userinput.


 1 |<article xmlns='http://docbook.org/ns/docbook'>
   |<title>Example option</title>
   |<para>The <option>-a</option> option on the <acronym>UNIX</acronym>
 5 |<command>ls</command> command or the <option>/r</option> option on the
   |<acronym>DOS</acronym> <command>attrib</command>
   |command, for example.
10 |</article>

The -a option on the UNIX ls command or the /r option on the DOS attrib command, for example.