V5.0 Websitewebpage

webpage — A page in a website.


webpage ::=


Common attributes (ID required).

Additional attributes:

  • navto (enumeration)
    • “yes”
    • “no”

Required attributes are shown in bold.

Additional Constraints

  • If this element is the root element, it must have a version attribute.


The webpage element is the root element of the Website customization. Each webpage represents a single web page. The expectation is that it will be rendered to a single HTML page.

DocBook books, articles, etc. can be rendered either in print or on the web in straightforward ways. It’s possible to render such narrative content in less linear forms on the web, but often requires extensive conventions about names or IDs of pieces. The goal of Website was to make it easier to author in DocBook for content that was designed to be rendered on the web in a less linear way.


Common attributes (ID required).


Does this page appear in the navigation flow?

Enumerated values:

This page should appear in tables of contents, site maps, etc.


The page can only be reached from pages that directly link to it.

See Also

Related elements: config, head, headlink, webtoc.