biblioentry — A raw entry in a bibliography.


biblioentry ::=


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

Additional attributes:

  • At most one of:
    • pubwork (enumeration)
      • “article”
      • “bbs”
      • “book”
      • “cdrom”
      • “chapter”
      • “dvd”
      • “emailmessage”
      • “gopher”
      • “journal”
      • “manuscript”
      • “newsposting”
      • “part”
      • “refentry”
      • “section”
      • “series”
      • “set”
      • “webpage”
      • “wiki”
      • “other”
    • All or none of:
      • pubwork (enumeration)
        • “other”
      • otherpubwork (NMTOKEN)


A biblioentry is an entry in a bibliography. The contents of biblioentry are a database of named fields. Presentation systems frequently suppress some elements in a biblioentry.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block.

A biblioentry is raw. It contains a database-like collection of named fields. It is the responsibility of the processing system to select elements from within a biblioentry, present them in the correct order, and add all punctuation.

There is no expectation that a system will present all of the fields in a biblioentry or that they will be displayed in the order in which they occur.

Correct formatting of biblioentrys is an interchange issue. See Appendix C, Interchanging DocBook Documents.


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

any attribute

Any attribute in any other explicit namespace


Identifies the nature of some other kind of published work


Identifies the nature of the published work

Enumerated values:

An article


A bulletin board system


A book




A chapter (as of a book)




An email message


A gopher page


A journal


A manuscript


A posting to a newsgroup


A part (as of a book)


A reference entry


A section (as of a book or article)


A series


A set (as of books)


A web page


A wiki page


Some other kind of work


These elements contain biblioentry: bibliodiv, bibliography, bibliolist.


The following elements occur in biblioentry: *:*, abbrev, abstract, acronym, address, artpagenums, author, authorgroup, authorinitials, bibliocoverage, biblioid, bibliomisc, bibliomset, bibliorelation, biblioset, bibliosource, citebiblioid, citetitle, collab, confgroup, contractnum, contractsponsor, copyright, coref, cover, date, dcterms:abstract, dcterms:accessRights, dcterms:accrualMethod, dcterms:accrualPeriodicity, dcterms:accrualPolicy, dcterms:alternative, dcterms:audience, dcterms:available, dcterms:bibliographicCitation, dcterms:conformsTo, dcterms:contributor, dcterms:coverage, dcterms:created, dcterms:creator, dcterms:date, dcterms:dateAccepted, dcterms:dateCopyrighted, dcterms:dateSubmitted, dcterms:description, dcterms:educationLevel, dcterms:extent, dcterms:format, dcterms:hasFormat, dcterms:hasPart, dcterms:hasVersion, dcterms:identifier, dcterms:instructionalMethod, dcterms:isFormatOf, dcterms:isPartOf, dcterms:isReferencedBy, dcterms:isReplacedBy, dcterms:isRequiredBy, dcterms:isVersionOf, dcterms:issued, dcterms:language, dcterms:license, dcterms:mediator, dcterms:medium, dcterms:modified, dcterms:provenance, dcterms:publisher, dcterms:references, dcterms:relation, dcterms:replaces, dcterms:requires, dcterms:rights, dcterms:rightsHolder, dcterms:source, dcterms:spatial, dcterms:subject, dcterms:tableOfContents, dcterms:temporal, dcterms:title, dcterms:type, dcterms:valid, edition, editor, emphasis (db.emphasis), firstterm (db._firstterm), firstterm (db.firstterm), footnote, footnoteref, foreignphrase (db.foreignphrase), glossterm (db._glossterm), glossterm (db.glossterm), issuenum, itermset, keywordset, legalnotice, mediaobject, meta (db.meta.content), meta (db.meta.empty), org, orgname, othercredit, pagenums, person, personblurb, personname, phrase (db.phrase), printhistory, productname, productnumber, pubdate, publisher, publishername, quote (db.quote), releaseinfo, revhistory, revnumber, seriesvolnums, subjectset, subscript, subtitle, superscript, title, titleabbrev, volumenum, wordasword.

See Also

Related elements: bibliomisc, bibliomixed, bibliomset, biblioset.