qandaset — A question-and-answer set.


qandaset ::=


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

Additional attributes:

  • defaultlabel (enumeration)
    • “none”
    • “number”
    • “qanda”


A qandaset is a list consisting of questions and answers. A qandaset can be divided into sections.

Every entry in a qandaset must contain a question, but answers are optional (some questions have no answers), and may be repeated (some questions have more than one answer).

Common uses for qandasets include reader questionnaires and lists of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). For the purpose of a FAQ, DocBook V3.1 added the FAQ class to article.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block. The defaultlabel attribute has a significant influence on the presentation of questions and answers.


Common attributes and common linking attributes.

any attribute

Any attribute in any other explicit namespace


Specifies the default labelling

Enumerated values:

No labels


Numeric labels


"Q:" and "A:" labels


These elements contain qandaset: abstract, acknowledgements, answer, appendix, article, bibliodiv, bibliography, bibliolist, blockquote, callout, calloutlist, caption, caution, chapter, colophon, cover, danger, dedication, dialogue, drama, entry, example, figure, footnote, glossary, glossdef, glossdiv, glosslist, important, index, informalexample, informalfigure, itemizedlist, legalnotice, linegroup, listitem, meta (db.meta.content), note, orderedlist, para, partintro, poetry, preface, procedure, qandadiv, qandaset, question, result, revdescription, section, setindex, sidebar, simplesect, step, taskprerequisites, taskrelated, tasksummary, textobject, tip, toc, variablelist, warning.


The following elements occur in qandaset: address, anchor, bibliolist, blockquote, bridgehead, calloutlist, caution, danger, dialogue, drama, epigraph, equation, example, figure, formalgroup, formalpara, glosslist, important, indexterm (db.indexterm.endofrange), indexterm (db.indexterm.singular), indexterm (db.indexterm.startofrange), info (, info (, informalequation, informalexample, informalfigure, informaltable, itemizedlist, literallayout, mediaobject, note, orderedlist, para, poetry, procedure, qandadiv, qandaentry, qandaset, remark, revhistory, sidebar, simpara, simplelist, stagedir, table, task, tip, title, titleabbrev, variablelist, warning.


 1 |<article xmlns=''>
   |<title>Example qandaset</title>
   |<qandaset defaultlabel='qanda'>
 5 |  <qandaentry>
   |    <question>
   |      <para>To be, or not to be?</para>
   |    </question>
   |    <answer>
10 |      <para>That is the question.</para>
   |    </answer>
   |  </qandaentry>
15 |</article>

To be, or not to be?


That is the question.

 1 |<article xmlns=''
   |	 class="faq">
   |<title>Frequently Asked Questions About Fonts</title>
 5 |<qandaset>
   |  <qandadiv><title>General Information</title>
   |  <para>...</para>
10 |  <qandadiv><title>Font Houses</title>
   |  <qandaentry><question><para>Who sells lots of fonts?</para></question>
   |  <answer><label>Seller</label><para>Adobe Systems, Inc.</para></answer>
   |  </qandaentry>
15 | 
   |  <qandaentry><question><para>Who sells fonts and photos?</para></question>
   |  <answer><label>Seller</label><para>Veer</para></answer>
   |  </qandaentry>
20 |  </qandadiv>
   |  </qandadiv>
General Information


Font Houses

Who sells lots of fonts?


Adobe Systems, Inc.


Who sells fonts and photos?